Funds for the Renovation of a 16th Century Castle

Funds for the Renovation of a 16th Century Castle
Funded: £512,000
Location: Rural Scotland
Property Type: Commercial
Funds For: Renovation
Timeframe: 14 Days

Our client, a successful hotelier, required funds quickly to continue  the complete renovation of a historic 16th-century castle within the  hotel grounds.

This unique and historic building was to be brought back to its  former glory and provide high-end residential accommodation to  complement a 5-star-hotel.

Lowry Capital provided total funding of £512,000 in two stages to  facilitate the renovation. Once complete, the castle will provide  stunning wedding and corporate event accommodation – at a nightly rate  of £5000.

“Whilst funding the renovation of a 16th-century castle is  not a common scenario and would not fit the criteria of most lenders,  having assessed the project in detail we had confidence in the borrower  to successfully complete the renovation with the skill, experience and  attention to detail required. Funding the renovation of this castle is a  great example our flexible approach to lending. We look at each project  on its own merits without a rigid criteria – which in this case led to  the renovation of a building with true historical significance.”