Equity Release to Provide Development Funding - Montrose, Scotland

Equity Release to Provide Development Funding - Montrose, Scotland
Funded: £62,000
Location: Montrose, Scotland
Property Type: Residential
Funds For: Development
Timeframe: 8 Days

Our client, an experienced developer, needed to release funds from his property portfolio in order to complete a new development of 4 houses.

To ensure the development continued to run smoothly, the client needed funds quickly in order to pay suppliers and tradesman. The client would then require further funding in stages to complete the development.

To ensure ease and speed of funds, Lowry Capital took security over 2 properties the client already owned. A residential property and a retail investment property in Montrose, Scotland.

We were able to value both properties within 48 hours and make the funds available within 8 working days.

Lowry Capital will also continue to make further advances available within 48 hours so the client has access to funds as and when required, in line with the schedule of work. This ensures that the development progresses smoothly and helps keep finance costs to a minimum.

“I’ve found dealing with Lowry Capital to be a very efficient and hassle-free experience. The speed at which my bridging finance was arranged was second to none and the staff could not of been more helpful. I look forward to dealing with Lowry Capital again in the near future.”

Mr Stark, Scotland Properties