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Hello! At Lowry Capital we provide fast funding for property projects. If you’re a property developer or property investor and you need funding quickly to buy, develop, refurbish or complete a property project, you’re in the right place.

Funded: £55,000

Refurbishment Funding for a Holiday Let on the Orkney Islands

The client had purchased a property that had great potential to become a holiday let in a very popular part of Orkney, an area thriving with serviced accommodation. Although the client owned the property outright, they needed £55,000 to fund the renovation costs. Lowry Capital is happy to lend in remote parts of the UK, and we’re also happy to provide smaller loans (but still give the same level of personal service as our larger loans).

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Funded: £465,000

Funding to Purchase a Nightclub to be Converted into 3 Commercial Units & 25 Apartments

The client is a first-time property developer looking to purchase a derelict former cinema and nightclub to convert into a semi commercial property consisting of 3 commercial units and 25 apartments. Lowry Capital was able to provide the client with 90% of the purchase price.

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Funded: £690,000

Funding for the Development of 7 Detached Houses

These clients are experienced property developers that had an option to purchase a development site of 7 building plots.

To keep their development costs to a minimum, they agreed with the seller to buy one plot at a time, and develop them one by one.

Lowry Capital agreed to provide funding in stages, initially providing £100,000 for plot one.

Subsequently, the clients have purchased an additional 2 plots of the 7 plot scheme and Lowry Capital has provided three advances totalling £690,000 against a site value of £1,150,000.

Lowry Capital will be providing further funding in stages in line with the build costs.

Lowry Capital has a minimum drawdown of only £25,001, enabling the clients to only draw the funding they need, when they need it.

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Your service is brilliant. Highly recommended.
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Does Your Property Project Require Funding?

Does Your Property Project Require Funding?

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